Tech Task #2 part 2

May 15, 2013

On Monday’s ECMP class our guest speaker presented the numerous ways to use google technology. I left the class feeling overwhelmed and wondering how I could ever learn all there is to learn. Today, I am really impressed with Google forms. I see that there are so many possible ways to use this tool in the school, not just in the classroom. The forms can be embedded into blogs or websites to broaden the sampling. In addition, I like about using forms is that they take advantage of cross-curriculum learning. Forms require students to think about the questions they want to ask, then they must compose the questions. When the data is compiled students engage mathematical thinking. But I think that the next step a teacher should take is to ask the question “so what?” What can we do or learn from this information? I want to explore in greater detail how to incorporate forms in the class.

This is only the tip of the Google iceberg, there is so much more to explore. As a teacher, I need to remember to teach students how to use these tools before we attempt to use them in a real lesson. Teaching one thing at a time will allow students to absorb and practice the skills prior to applying the knowledge to a real task.

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