Have I made the right career choice?

In light of the video “Everything I love about teaching has Become Extinct” posted by Swati Dixit, I find that I am asking many questions about my choice of career. Why are so many in the profession discouraged to the point of quitting? I realize that there are many challenges like changing technology, standardized tests, and the lack of student engagement, to mention but a few issues.

Today as I taught, I decided to read pioneer stories to the class. I choose individuals who had links to as many of the students as possible. I was really excited to share the stories with my students and I was unable to hide my enthusiasm and excitement with them. As a result, the students were engaged and attentive. I had a great time.

Focus on the positive and don’t dwell on the negative might be the way to go. I know this may seem naive, but with so much negative publicity surrounding the teaching profession, I risk falling into the trap of negativity. I will make an effort to align myself with other likeminded professionals, because I know that I have made the right career choice.

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One Response to Have I made the right career choice?

  1. msinclair18 says:

    Thank you Mariette for your words of wisdom. At times I find that I do get caught up in the negativity of all the new issues arising and am influenced by those negative thoughts. After reading your post though I have a new sense of the other side of things. There will always be issues associated with teaching as there has been in the past, but if we just keep giving in we can’t make change.

    I do not think you are naive and I think you bring an experienced person’s approach to the topic. I am going to try and stick to working and pushing for the values and ideas that I believe in and working towards myself as a future teacher. If I bring a positive approach into my classroom then my students will see that and will show that positivity in themselves.Thank you for challenging my thoughts and mind today.

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