Mariette through the Google lens

June 2, 2013

Tech Task #5,  part 2

I have always made a concerted effort to make sure I was not visible on the Internet, always believing that this lack of visibility would be an asset in a professional capacity. After listening to George Couros’ presentation I have a better understanding of the importance of creating a professional identity. The time has come for me to pull my head out of the sand, face my fears, learn from others who have embraced a public image and flourish!

This is easier said than done, because everything that I was told prior to taking this class is to fear the Internet and to protect myself and my identity. Thus, creating a digital identity is creating a sense of uneasiness, but the teacher within me see the value of creating an identity inorder to be a positive role model for students.

My google search of Mariette:

  • My Facebook Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 10.21.33 AMpage
  • Pinterest
  • WordPress blog
  • Twitter
  • ECMP 355 comments
  • Obituary!!!

As I suspected there would be little information about me; however I did not expect to find so many others with the name of Mariette Anderson (I thought my name was rather unique).

Now what? What can someone learn about who I am and what image do I create in the eyes of the person searching? I would have to say not really impressive.

I need to work on my identity, but I don’t want to separate the digital from the real world. So I embark on a new adventure to create an image of Mariette Anderson the professional. Stay tuned and watch the metamorphose as I emerge from my cocoon (back to image of the butterfly)

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