Taking the Plunge

June 5 , 2013

Well it is shaping up to be an interesting week. I’ve taken the plunge and I am asking my grade 8 and 9 health class to create a digital story for their final project. I spent the weekend creating an evaluation rubric (following Renée Clemens‘ advice).  I found a rubric generator Rubistar, which really helped me get started. Furthermore, I took the time to find examples to get the students started. New stuff can be scary for some students. I am pushing them beyond the typical PowerPoint presentation.

Monday morning I explained to the class what the project entailed and that I wanted them to create a digital story around the subject of bullying. We have just finished a program called  “Différents, mais pas indifférents, a program that focuses on many different issues regarding conflicts and behaviours that enable bulling.  

I am hoping that the students will be able to make personal connections as they create their own digital stories. In addition to the rubric, I also provided the students with a few links from Alan Levine’s web page 50 ways to tell a story, http://50ways.wikispaces.com/ 

 After spending some time visiting each site I provided the students these websites. I’ve stayed away from any websites which required payments. I make a conscious decision to offer non-paying choices to equalize the chances for all the students.

Now I wait patiently and help them as much as I can to accomplish something spectacular. However, I am nervous as we journey together towards their final projects. I hope that the use of technology will encourage them and foster enthusiasm in the students who typically do the minimum. Those are the students I want to reach. Their projects are due on the 24th.

I’ve been so busy researching digital storytelling for this class assignment that I been unable to get to my work done for task #6. I will get to it in the next few days.


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7 Responses to Taking the Plunge

  1. Hey Mariette, I love that you are doing this with your students! I think that you are one of the most encouraging educators and peers that I could have ever asked for. In challenging yourself and your students to try new things, you give me courage to go out on a limb and teach things that will make me uncomfortable in good ways and help my students to learn how to really LEARN on their own without trying to give me and their other teachers what they think we want. Thank you for being a teacher and peer that I look up to and appreciate so much!

  2. … and best of luck on the projects. I would love to see a post on how they turn out! Will the students be sharing them online?

  3. Yay! I’m looking forward to the news! Only a few more days!

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