Focus on one colour

Tech Task #6

Part 1

I chose to focus on colours as suggested by DS106 Assignment bank. The focus on colour assignment asks the student to focus on a single colour within an image. I spent quite a bit of time trying to download GIMP, a program suggested by DS106 but I gave up. I eventually found an alternative called LunaPic. I found this program  easy to use with many different options to modify pictures.

This is a picture of my niece. I tried to focus on the red except it bled through, so on my 33rd attempt I chose to focus on the green. I really like the effect because she becomes the focus instead of the apple. (Cute antennae, when will I see your wings?)lunapic_137109076090498_26

In addition, to the colour adaptations LunaPic offers other options such animations, special effects, and drawing tools.

Here I chose to make a picture cube.

meghan cube

Merry go Meghan

I found this  assignment very challenging and at times very frustrating  But, when I decided to stop worrying and do like my students and just try something anything. I had fun and enjoyed seeing  what I could do to the images.

Assignment 2 Warhol SomethingMariette warhol something

It was great fun and I will return to this site to see what else I can do with my pictures.

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