Final Reflection

Please Click the link to view my reflection.

Final Reflection Mariette


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7 Responses to Final Reflection

  1. nixon22k says:

    I really enjoyed watching your video. You have really summarized everything we covered in this class in an interesting way.

  2. Thanks, it was a lot of fun.

  3. Swati says:

    Wow! I love the way you have put together every bit of our learning experience. Hats off to you for utilizing your creativity fully! I am definitely going to try making RSA style video myself and am sure it will not be as good as yours 😉
    Great work!

    • I can help if you need it

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      • Swati says:

        Oh yes, it would really help if you could give
        some guidelines 🙂

        • I watched a you tube video The video explains how a teacher can help organize their students’ organize their thoughts. I went through all the steps he suggested. I started with ten points and then adding sub-categories to really focus on the specifics. With these ideas focused I went on to draw an image for that thought in the margin. Then I practiced on the real deal. Make sure you are comfortable, it took 45 minutes to draw out the sheet in real time. Set up the camera but try to avoid hitting the table (that’s why there were a few blurry scenes). It took me three takes to get it right. I down loaded the video to Imovie, added

          This is where I deviated from the video, I didn’t really understand what he ment. I have a mac, so I downloaded the video to Imovie. Then I added the title (this is all part of the program). I then played around in the fast forward options, I chose 20x. When the video was edited to my liking I started on the audio track. I turned the speakers off and just recorded the audio track, voice over button. The voice track did not record at 20x speed, I wasn’t sure if it would be normal. I was able to watch the video in Imovie as I recorded the voice. This too took me several tries.

          What I learned is that you need a clear picture of what you want to include, practice drawing the images, record the video, and last the voice track. Make sure you keep a original copy of the video so that if something goes wrong when playing around with it, you won’t need to re-record. Then just try the options and learn fearlessly (this is made easier knowing you have a good back-up). This would be a really fun way to sum up projects especially if you have students who love to doodle. I was afraid to try, but then I decided that I had nothing to loose and a lot to gain by trying. Even if you don’t use the video for the class, it is worth trying it just for the experience.

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